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Environmental Radiation Surveillance Programmes


In 1978, GEOCISA created its own radiochemistry laboratory in order to run environmental radiation surveillance programmes for the first nuclear power plants in Spain. The laboratory was soon setting the benchmark in this field and went on to run the programmes for almost all of the power plants in Spain. As a result of this early involvement, Geocisa has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of environmental radiation surveillance programmes over the years. This involvement, coupled with the ability to specialise in innovative techniques, has allowed us to keep up to date with a constantly evolving industry. Geocisa also plays a heavy role within many related forums in this field, including participation in workshops that have been created by the Nuclear Security Council to develop sampling and analysis procedures. Our staff have considerable experience in all stages of the surveillance programmes including:

  • Design and implementation of land censuses.
  • Execution in the field; sample gathering, conservation, administrative procedures associated with transferring samples to the laboratory.
  • Execution in the laboratory, taking delivery of and receiving samples, conservation, treatment, analysis of radiochemical and radiation readings.
  • Drawing up reports for data management and the analysis of results Over the years Geocisa has been involved in a number of projects at different stages of their life cycles.

We have worked on pre-operational and operational programmes for nuclear power plants, the operational programme for the ‘Radioactive Waste Storage Centre’ in Cabril, and uranium mining surveillance programmes. As a specialist laboratory, with considerable expertise in both artificial and natural radioactivity, we are more than qualified to deal with any kind of radiation surveillance programme.