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UTPR scope in dismantling nuclear facilities


Since 1989, when Geocisa received its initial authorisation as a ‘Technical Unit for Radiation Protection’ (UTPR) we have consistently worked with Radiochemistry laboratory for both technical and human resources.

Although initially the UTPR’s activity was centred on the quality control for X-ray equipment, our authorisation was later modified and our role has now been adapted to encompass new activities. The current remit of the UTPR is to offer radiation protection services for a variety of industrial facilities and we have expanded our scope to include the nuclear sector.

The UTPR currently has 18 technical experts in radiation protection, of which 12 are assigned to the Radiation Protection Services and are involved in the dismantling of the José Cabrera and Pimic-Ciemat facilities.

The other roles of the UTPR include:

  • Running surveillance programmes at affected sites: this involves taking gamma logging of Borehole, using our state of the art radiation measuring equipment (prototype developed by GEOCISA) to collect samples for radiochemical analysis in the laboratory.
  • Projects to release affected sites: involves taking surface gamma scanning and measurements and collecting samples for radiochemical analysis in the laboratory.

As the UTPR works closely alongside the GEOCISA radiochemistry laboratory, it allows us to run an efficient and comprehensive service and lend our expertise and knowledge directly with regards to radiation surveillance.